Helpful tips on how to start a doggy daycare business in your home

run a doggy daycare from your houseWhen you are spending most of your days at home, it can become pretty boring if you do not have a venture to wake up to every day.

Taking care of dogs for people who are out for the day- or who need such services for any other reason- can be quite a nice and profitable activity. It gives you the satisfaction of tending to animals and at the same time offers you a chance to make an income and become more financially independent.

But before getting started on it, you need to learn a few things on how to start a doggy daycare home based business.

For one, you need to find out the experiences of other sitters, and also what dog owners want for their best friends. is a great site to get you started on this front. It is a large network of pet sitters and people who love to walk dogs for those who cannot do it by themselves.

Here, you will get a picture of how the whole business operates from the experts themselves. You will get an insight into the pricing ranges for different kinds of pets, get to make yourself known by clients out there and a host of other benefits.

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Here are a number of things that you need to learn more about:

Legal requirements

You should be aware of the legal permissions governing home and pet care businesses in your area. Also learn about the necessary business licences and which best way is it to set up your business- as an individual or a company for instance.

start a dog walking businessEven if you can’t start a dog sitting business at home legally (or aren’t ready to do illegal things yet hehe), then you can still walk people’s dogs for a similar price using and your own marketing methods, quite easily. Lots of people are disabled and can’t walk their own dogs, but would gladly pay you to do that for them.

Skills you will need

You cannot just pop off the street and start a doggy day care business. Some professional skill is required. If you have not had any professional training in animal care, you will need to learn a few things. Basic pet CPR and giving first aid are necessary skills that you can learn in no time but will be of great help once you’re in it. offers vet assistance 24-7 to sitters so the burden and weight is off of you regarding animal injuries or sick doggies. can also get you your first customer within a week. Read more reviews to learn about opportunities in your area.


People love their dogs, and will want to be sure they are as comfortable as they would be in their homes when they leave them with you. As such, you will need to have a house and yard with a secure fence so they can’t escape and they’ll have room to run around in.

Also, get to know the right dog feeds for every dog and where to get them at a bargain.

Qualifying customers

You will need to be choosy of your clients. This is because in a day care, business will take a sudden tumble or even come to a complete halt if an infection breaks out and spreads to other dogs. Make sure that each client has a vet certification for their pet. Do a meet and greet before agreeing to watch the dog for any amount of time. This is standard practice.


Pet-sitting is usually charged depending on the size/weight of the pet. Get to know how these ranges should work for you by setting fair prices- profitable yet value worth for the dog owner. Most people charge $20 – $35 a night in most western US cities.

Advertising your business

Once you are up and running, you will need to get clients to know that your business exists. Home based businesses need this one desperately, as they are different from street outlets that one can just run into. On, you will get great head start because it is a preferred hunting ground for clients. However to accelerate your progress exponentially, get the Move Over Rover! guide to starting a doggy daycare business, it will make you 10x the money you would have made on your own starting out.

Starting a doggy daycare business is great- if you get it right from the very start. It might get scary to learn that you might need to do more than you initially thought, but they are all easy and quick steps that you will be glad you did not skip.